October 16, 2017

Courses and Workshops

Conference course
NLS (Neonatal life Support) By The European Resuscitation Council
  • Approved By MOH UAE & European Academy of Pediatrics
  • Seats are Limited, Prior Registration is Mandatory 
  • Separate 7 CME Credit Hours.
  • Nutrition (TPN & Enteral)

“Hands on” Workshops and Interactive Sessions:

  • PICC Line Insertion (Doppler Ultrasound Guided)
  • Central Line Insertion (Doppler Ultrasound Guided).
  • “Difficult to treat” Asthma
  • “Difficult to control” Seizures
  • Fits, Faints and Funny Turns”
  • Vaccinations “Update and Troubleshooting ”
  • Error Free TPN
  • Pediatric GIT
  • Complementary Feeding
  • ECG and arrhythmias
  • Healthcare Providers – Parents Communication Skills
  • ADHD/ Autism

Target Audience & Skill Learned

Target Audience

  • Pediatricians
  • Family physicians
  • Primary care practitioners
  • Nurse practitioners and nurses
  • Allied health professionals who care for children and adolescents

Handbook will be provided in advance
Hands-on part: 1 day

Validity certificate: 4 years

Learned skills

  • Anticipating problems at birth
  • Handling of equipment
  • Strategies to manage situations where lung inflation is unsuccessful
  • Airway management, and lung inflation and aeration
  • Direct laryngoscopic inspection of the oropharynx
  • Delivery of chest compressions
  • Obtaining umbilical venous access
  • Management of newborn emergencies
  • Communication and teamwork