June 18, 2017

Preliminary Program

Day One: Thursday 12th April 2018

Pediatrics Lectures

07:30 – 08:00 REGISTRATION
Chairperson: –
P01 Infant Formulae: “When To Use What” Dr. Mohammed Miqdady
P02 Case Scenarios in Pediatric Asthma & Pulmonology Dr. Fatma Al Jassim
P03 Pediatric Airway Emergencies And Management Dr. Kalindindi Shiva
P04 A Child With Palpitation Dr. Mohammed Hmdan
Chairperson: –
P05 The Genetics In Managing Epilepsy; Routes On The Journey To Full Control Dr.Tristan T. Sands
P06 Therapeutic Anticonvulsant Level Monitoring in the 21 st Century Dr. Hamza Alsayouf
P07 Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Anas Alwogud
Chairperson: –
P08 Silent Renal Disorders Dr. Ramzy El Baroudy
P09 Child Abuse Dr. Azhar Abu Ali
P10 An Approach to funny looking newborns Dr. Sherif Mosaad
P11 PICU – Acquired Weakness : underestimated and underreported Dr. Mamdouh Swilem

Day 2: Friday 13 th April 2018

Neonatology Lectures:

Chairperson: –
N01 Metabolic Programming: Effect of Early Nutrition On Growth, Metabolism And body conposition Prof. Ferdinand Haschke
N02 Neonatal Intestinal Surgical Issues Dr. Arif Faquih
N03 Oxygen Saturation And Congenital Heart Disease Mohammed Soliman
N04 Where next with infant vaccines? Dr. Aiman Rahmani
Chairperson: –
N05   N06 Debate on the management of PDA Dr. Junaid Khan
Dr. Aiman Rahmani
N07 Recent Advances In Neonatal Seizures Dr. Tristan T Sands
Chairperson: –
N08 15 Years Experience of BF Program Dr, Hisham Al girim
N09 Preterm pre-eclampsia: What Every Neonatologist Should Know?!! Dr. Junaid Khan
N10 Optimum Oxygenation of The Newborn Dr. Ola Saugstad
N11 Neonatal Thrombocytopenia Dr. Nawaf Alanazi
N12 Future of Premature Baby Dr. Dany Hamod
N13 Emergency Room Neonatal Emergencies Dr. Mehnaz Jabeen
WS 3 An Overview On Childhood Tumors Dr. Nawaf Al Enazi
WS 4 Central Line Insertion Dr. Abdelfattah Ali

Day 3: 14 th April 2018

WS 5 Mastering TPN Dr. Lamia Yahia
WS 6 Delivery Room Handling Dr. Ola Saugstad
WS 7 Approach To Pediatric Shock/ Sepsis Dr. Kalindindi Shiva
WS 8 PICC Line Insertion (Doppler US Guided) Dr. Dany Hamod
WS 9 Pulmonary Graphics Dr. Monika Kaushal
WS 10 Role of Surgery In The Management of Neuromuscular Imbalance and Deformities Dr. Zaid Al Obaidi
WS 11 Blood Groups: Secrets And Implications Dr. Abdullahi Asseyr